Minggu, 09 Mei 2010

KIAMAT 2012 percaya???

Several groups from around the world are gathered and began to count down date has dinanti2 misterus hundreds of years: December 21, 2012

Various groups from the United States, Canada and Europe,
the followers of apocalyptic sect (of Judgement) and some individuals say that day is the last day of this world.

Those who believe that the apocalypse will happen on December 21, 2012, basing their belief on the calendar made by the Maya, which was discovered in the r
uins in Mexico. This ancient culture known for its ability in mathematics and astronomy...

Ancient Maya Society, known advanced mathematical and astronomical sciences, followed "a long calculation" which reached 5.126 calendar year. When they moved to the astronomical map of the Gregorian calendar, which is used by default now, when calculating the Mayans stopped on December 21, 2012.

Those who believe also said the relationship between calendar other than the virtual and destruction to come. Sun will connect straight to the center of the Solar System the first time since 26 000 years ago, which marked the peak of winter. Some people say this will affect the flow of energy into the earth, or because of the sunspot and sunflare whose numbers swell, causing the earth's magnetic field effects on

The experts tried to muffle this doomsday scenario as one of the predictions lie again, but very jelasm that so many people who predict the possibility of major disasters on that date.

"You must understand, there will be no rest at all," said Patrick Geryl told ABC News. "We need to start back all the culture and life from scratch again." Geryl, 53-year-old laboratory worker who lives in Belgium, quit his job two years ago after he saved enough money was used until 2012. He is currently collecting supplies if in the list, reaching over 11 pages.

Geryl not satu2nya people who think so, if you goggling "2012 the end of the world" there will be about 700,000 hits for your clicks. More than 6500 videos have been posted on YouTube. Jg wrote thousands of books about it, following the successful book of Daniel Pinchbeck: "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl," which sold thousands of copies each month since the release last May.

But what was a big disaster on December 21, 2012 was the date? some say the earth's magnetic reversal point, north becomes south, and then the sun rises from the west, triggering natural disasters around the world. Others say that the date is the date of a spiritual awakening throughout the world.

Experts laugh at this. " not have any basis at all, let alone in the Mayan culture as we know," said Stephen Houston, professor of anthropology at Brown University, who is also expert Maya hieroglyphic writing. "Depictions of the virtual nation never menyebut2 this." He said. Virtual nation saw that the date is the date of their calendar, but then repeat them back without any calendar disasters altogether.

like that, it cuman expression of human anxieties of our time, and there is ancient precedent for that, they immediately ." He said. "People are more inclined to believe with the ancient wisdom that predict the occurrence at this time."

--you believe???--